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Wild Boar Runs Wild in Krakow

KRAKOW TOURS – In a scene that seemed more redolent of the film An American Werewolf in London than a typical afternoon in Krakow, a wild boar was shot down after attacking two people.

The tusked miscreant was first spotted in the whereabouts of ul. Kobierzynskiej when police were alerted by a yelling man who had been mauled by the mammal. Another man who had collapsed nearby after being hit by the boar was found lying on the pavement in a state of shock. Police endeavoured to catch the animal, but it gave them the slip by jumping into the River Vistula. Fearing further accidents, the police contacted the local branch of the Krakow Circle of Hunters. Later in the evening, the boar was shot in Zabłocie, not far from the Schindler Factory.

The large numbers of boar in the area make it necessary to eliminate a certain number each year. It is uncharacteristic for boars to attack first, and clashes usually occur when people panic and attempt to beat away the animal. Experts advise that if one encounters a boar, one should remain calm and behave normally.

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