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Don’t laugh…… It could happen ???

KRAKOW TOURS – A Polish woman has filed a lawsuit against an Egyptian hotel after claiming her teenage daughter got pregnant from using the pool.

Magdalena Kwiatkowska claims her 13-year-old daughter conceived from a stray sperm floating in the hotel’s mixed-sex pool after she took a dip. The hotel was not named.

The teen returned to Poland from holiday expecting a baby. Kwiatkowska said her daughter did not meet any boys while she was in Egypt.

Tourist authorities in Warsaw confirmed the complaint. The mother is seeking compensation from the hotel.

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KFC The Funny Side

KRAKOW TOURS – A university lecturer has landed himself in hot water after informing his students that if they failed his exams, they would only be fit for working in fast-food chains with Irish ‘idiots’.

Dr. Bartosz Scheur, a business expert at the Wroclaw University of Economics, sparked outrage when he posted the comments on the university website and is currently under investigation from his superiors.

“If you haven’t passed the exam in micro-economics, I wish you a safe journey to Dublin, a nice job in KFC and unforgettable moments among idiots,” he wrote.

Not content with writing ignorant comments regarding Poles working abroad, he went on to make offensive jibes about depressed students cutting themselves.

“If, following the results, any of you intend harming yourselves, please do so outside the building as it’s easier to get rid of the blood on the linoleum floor than elsewhere.”

However Scheur has defended his actions by claiming that it was all just meant as a bit of fun.

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