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Anti-terror cops hit wrong house

KRAKOW TOURS – Anti-terror police in Lodz lobbed stun grenades into a flat before storming it – only to realise they’d got the wrong address.

The armed cops were supposed to be raiding Apartment 6C but took a wrong turn and battered their way into Apartment 6 on the same landing.

“I heard pounding on the door and the sound of smashing glass. I ran into the kitchen and saw a masked man throw a grenade through the window,” said Malgorzata Malinowska whose foot was injured by the blast.

“I was hysterical and kept shouting they’d got the wrong flat. They only stopped when they saw my daughter,” she added.

Embarrassed police chiefs have apologised for the mix-up. “In cases like this you can expect compensation for any damage and an apology,” said anti-terrorist commander Maciej Karczynski.

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Pigeon tormenting

– Two Brits will be brought to justice for tormenting pigeons in Krakow.

They were catching the birds on the Old Town square where pigeons flock to tourists for food. Next the Brits threw them in the air.

Both males have pleaded guilty and asked for a fine instead of trial. In Poland the crime is punishable by up to twelve months’ imprisonment.

The pigeons suffered broken wings and other injuries. They agreed to pay a fine of about £130

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