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Winter Bites Back

KRAKOW TOURS – While the rest of Poland is enjoying the onset of spring, Zakopane was plunged back into winter this Monday evening as heavy snow fell, bringing down power lines and leaving thousands without power. By Tuesday morning 10cm of snow lay on the streets of Zakopane, taking locals and tourists by surprise.

The tourists in particular were pleased by the unexpected turn of events and lost no time at all in strapping on their skis.

“Wonderful powder, there’s nothing like skiing on fresh powder snow,” commented one happy skier.

Those heading into the mountains though are being warned to take extra care and a level three avalanche warning is in place. Due to the typical spring weather conditions, warm in the day leading to a slight thaw, then refreezing at night, the danger of avalanches is particularly high. Inexperienced walkers should stay away and those who do take therisk need to ensure they are equipped with crampons, avalanche detectors, probes, shovels and the like.

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