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Mass nudity in Łódź

KRAKOW TOURS – A university professor faces up to two years in jail after walking into a church in Lodz completely naked.

Marek Wasilewski, who teaches at Poznan’s university department of fine arts, claims that he entered the mass without his clothes as part of a project – in order to examine what he describes as “public perceptions of nudity”.

The entire incident, lasting for a total of around 20 seconds, was captured on video by a professional film crew, to be viewed at a later date as part of the experiment. It is now believed that the footage will most likely be used as evidence by the courts.

The stunt has been condemned by priest Ireneusz Kulesza who was conducting the service at the time.

“It is a complete desecration of the temple,” he said in a statement.

“I couldn’t believe that I had seen it with my own eyes.”

Ewa Nowak, a local woman who happened to attending the mass claimed that the image disturbed her so much that she wasn’t able to rest. “I was shocked by what I saw – I didn’t manage to get a wink of sleep that night.”

“There is some tolerance for artistic statement but in this case the problem is that he didn’t tell anyone about it,” said Lodz police spokesman Adam Kolasa.

He added that as punishment for the stunt, Wasilewski now faces two years in prison.

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Krakow Flood – What a difference a week makes

KRAKOW TOURS – It’s just over a week since I took the photos of the very high water level in the Wisla river, here’s an update of how it looks today 28/5/2010.

The inset is a reminder of how it looked last week.

You can view the full flood pictures HERE

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Horrors discovered as flood water recedes.

Damaged farms, ruined fields, trash, rotting corpses and carcasses are emerging from under water as flood is gradually subsiding in the south of Poland.

The financial losses caused by flood are hard to estimate, says the government’s crisis centre. Many roads throughout the country are still impassable and power lines still down. The death toll, which so far has reached fifteen, is still on the rise as new dead bodies are being discovered. Today, the corpse of a young girl was found in Mlynowka River in the southern region of Podbeskidzie.

Water is slowly subsiding in the region but still 150 ha are under water. In Czechowice-Dziedzice, prisoners from a correctional facility in Jastrzebie Zdroj are pumping out water from the flooded area and a rescue team is providing owners of the flooded houses with food.

In Podkarpackie region the Vistula River still exceeds the emergency level and flood alerts are still valid in several villages and the town of Tarnobrzeg, one of the towns hardest hit by flood water. Over 70 rescue workers from Ukraine are pumping out the flood water from basements, drainage ditches and fields using 12 highly efficient water pumps.

Soldiers from chemical units are preparing to disinfect flood-affected areas, from which water has already withdrawn. Inhabitants of these areas are being vaccinated against tetanus. Although the flood situation in the south of Poland is stable, it may soon deteriorate again, warns forecasts, as heavy rains and thunderstorms are expected there today.

In the Mazovia region, central Poland, water is also subsiding but sanitary services warn of epidemics as water in adjacent wells and water pipes is contaminated. In the flood-stricken areas many buildings are in danger of collapsing and will have to be demolished. Teams consisting of doctors, vets and building inspectors are visiting households to check if people are fine and houses safe enough to dwell.

After the great wave, the level of water in the Vistula River in Warsaw is going down. “It’s getting better. We are monitoring embankments every 30 minutes and so far they haven’t soaked or damaged,” Arthur Lauda from Warsaw Fire Services said. Firemen are cutting out trees on embankments in Port Czerniakowski because their weight may breach the construction.

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The ultimate benefit of the fall of Communism

KRAKOW TOURS – The ladies of Poland have the fastest growing breasts in Europe according to official new data.

The figures, supplied by underwear maker Triumph, show that since the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe,  Poland’s average boob size has shot up from a perky C cup, to a busty DD.

But rather than an act of God or evolution, the reason for the change is more than likely down to the fact that Polish girls now are eating more than previous generations.

“The girls here are eating more these days so their breast sizes have increased dramatically,” says Polish Triumph expert Elzbieta Koziel on the matter.

“More and more girls are coming into shops and asking for bra cup sizes from DD, E, F and, in some cases, even G,” she added.

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That was the WET week that was – Krakow Floods

Wisła River flooded

The worst flooding for over a decade struck Poland killing at least seven people and leaving a trail of devastation from the Czech border to Warsaw that could cost the country in excess of EUR 2 bln.

After days of wet weather a 24-hour downpour dropped 20 centimetres of rain on parts of southern Poland over Sunday and Monday, the equivalent of two months’ worth of rain in one day.

The deluge led to widespread flooding, first on the Czech and Slovak borders, and then further into the heart of Poland as water flowed down the rivers Wisla and Odra.

Hundreds of homes were flooded and thousands of people displaced despite the best efforts of thousands of fire-fighters, troops and volunteers to shore up dykes and flood barriers.

Donald Tusk, the prime minister, called on people to heed evacuation warnings as water levels on the Wisla hit their highest point since the Second World War.

“I appeal to everybody to evacuate when the police or firemen come and say it is time. You must not wait,” said the PM.

“I know these are tragic decisions that have to be made, but it will only be worse if you endanger your own lives and those of  the rescue teams trying to get people out of already flooded areas,” he added.

As the flood closed in on Warsaw the water river rose to 700 centimetres prompting fears of extensive flooding in the capital, and adding to the already massive bill the deluge had caused.

“I expect the losses will top EUR 2 bln and I know we will have to find more funds,” said a sombre Mr Tusk while visiting the flood stricken regions.

“We will reduce other spending to achieve that.”

With little in the way of extra cash in the state’s coffers, the government said that it might ask the EU for emergency aid.

Anna Konik-Zurawska, a regional development ministry spokeswoman, said that under EU rules Poland can draw on the European Solidarity Fund when losses surpass a certain level.

“In Poland‘s case, the European Commission set the level at EUR 2.125 billion,” she told the PAP news agency.

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English Vodka – Best in the world

KRAKOW TOURS – It is enough to make a patriotic Pole need a stiff drink to get over the shock – an English vodka has been voted the best in the world.

Chase Vodka has triumphed in the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, beating 249 rivals from around the globe, including Russia and Poland’s finest.

Tasted under blind conditions (all the bottles were covered to maintain anonymity), Chase was preferred by a 30-strong panel of independent judges.

And instead of being produced by one of the global drink giants in a huge, automated distillery, Chase is made on a farm in Herefordshire – from potatoes.

The spuds are all grown in the farm’s own fields, before being added to water, fermented, and then distilled and bottled. It all takes place on site.

First produced in 2008, Chase is the brainchild of potato farmer William Chase, the man who founded posh crisp company Tyrrell’s.

When he sold Tyrrell’s to a private equity group that same year, Mr Chase realised he needed to find something else to do, and the vodka business was born.

Despite having no distilling experience, he decided to aim for the gourmet end of the vodka market and use his crops of traditional variety potatoes instead of the more usual wheat or rye grains.

Now making 1,000 bottles a week – a drop in the ocean compared with the best-known global vodka names – Mr Chase says demand is soaring in the US thanks to winning the San Francisco competition.

“Winning the award has been fantastic for us,” he says.

“It has really helped to build up the brand’s profile, which is vital. You can have the best product in the world, but it won’t sell if the brand isn’t strong.”

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Auschwitz tours – Now re-instated from 20/5/10.


19/5/2010 18.31 – LATEST UPDATE – Auschwitz will re-open its doors tomorrow, however Birkenau will remain partially closed off to the public.

Unfortunately, due to the temporary closure of the Auschwitz museums KRAKOW TOURS will not be running the usual Auschwitz trips until further notice.

The flooding which has seriously effected Krakow, Katowice, Opolskie and Oswieciem (Auschwitz & Birkenau) has caused many disruptions to our usual services.

We can still offer Walking tours around Krakow, our Schindlers Steps tour, City buggy rides, Nowa Huta experience, Wieliczka Salt Mines and Ojcow National Park.

Contact us with your requirements, or book online

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Krakow Floods – Latest (photo blog)

In Krakow, a major bridge was closed as the Vistula River nearly reached it.

At Auschwitz-Birkenau, the former Nazi death camp that draws about a million visitors a year, authorities carried historical documents and some artifacts, including brushes and bowls that belonged to victims, to the upper floors of old barracks that are used to house exhibits, said spokesman Jaroslaw Mensfelt.

Mensfelt said the memorial site was closed to visitors, the first time that has happened due to the threat of floods. Waters were rising in two nearby rivers, the Vistula and the Sola.

Krakow Flood

Krakow Flood

Krakow Floods

Underpass at Rondo Grunwaldskie

Krakow Flood

High tide at the new Krakow Beach

Krakow Flood

Krakow Flood

Krakow Floods 5

Podgorze bank looks better prepared

Krakow Flood

New bridge in danger of floating away

Krakow Flood

Wawel Castle looks safe

Krakow Flood

Underpass at Rondo Grunwaldskie

Krakow Flood

Debnicki Bridge closed

Krakow Flood

Krakow Flood

Krakow Flood

Debnicki Bridge

Krakow Flood

Krakow Flood

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Krakow – on the verge of flooding disaster (updated 21.17 18/5/10)

KRAKOW TOURS – Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Interior Minister Jerzy Miller are to visit areas most affected by recent flooding throughout southern Poland.

At a meeting with journalists Tuesday morning, Miller said that “[Monday] night was not so bad for the Malopolska province, as rain came in the early hours of the morning. It was worse for Silesia, where it rained all night,” adding that “the scale of destruction may well be higher than what we saw yesterday.”

Rainfall is higher than it was in 1997, when there was widescale flooding in southern Poland as well as throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. According to Miller, the situation in Krakow is “similar to that of 1997.”

Donald Tusk arrived in Krakow, Monday night, where he spoke to governors of the provinces most affected by flooding.

After the meeting, Tusk said that the situation is “not completely catastrophic,” although emergency services are still working flat out to keep the flooding situation in check.

Donald Tusk said that the flood situation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia will not have an adverse effect on continuing floods in Poland. The comment came as five retention pools along the River Oder in the Czech Republic became completely full, with one town, Troubky, 90 percent under water.

Interior Minister Jerzy Miller is in communication with the Czech Minister of Defence over any potential flooding threats that might come from the Czech Republic.

Heavy rain over the weekend led many rivers to rise above warning levels. On Sunday night, Krakow mayor Jacek Majchrowski announced a state of emergency when the River Vistula was 74 cm over the warning mark in Poland’s southern city. On Tuesday morning, that level had risen to over 300 cm, with many roads and underpasses closed and river water almost reaching bridge levels.

Four people have died so far from the flooding. Two people died in Malopolska province, and one fireman suffered a heart attack during a rescue mission in neighbouring Silesia. The latest victim of the “great water” is an 8 year old boy who fell into a river in Krakow.

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KRAKOW TOURS A man was arrested for failing a breathalyser test – after driving to the police station on his own accord.

In order to prove to his wife that he wasn’t drunk, the 44-year old from the small southern town of Sedziszow made his way to the station demanding to take the test. But once inside, results showed him to be over the limit with alcohol in his bloodstream.

Police have since removed his license.

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Has Hedwig turned nasty?

KRAKOW TOURS – A dog owner has told the story of how her beloved pet was swiped away from her – by a passing owl.

Jadwiga Kurtyka, 49, was walking her 8-month old Yorkshire Terrier on an ordinary evening through the park in her home city of Kielce. But the pleasant stroll turned into a nightmare when the owl swooped down and grabbed her puppy, Brajanka, before flying off.

“I saw the bird circling above us, but I never dreamt for a moment that anything would happen,” says Kurtyka.

Despite her hurt and despair, she has remained strong and now offers practical advice to owners of similar-sized pups;

“Be sure to watch out for them.”

“When one of nature’s animals experiences intense hunger, such a case could quite easily occur,” admits Janusz Wroblewski, of the Wild Bird Asylum near Kielce.

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The Italian Job III – In Poland

KRAKOW TOURS – This Wednesday Slask police released jaw-dropping footage of the driver of a Mini Cooper who racked up a record 205 penalty points on his licence and committed 35 traffic offences in a mere fifteen minutes two weeks ago on the streets of Dabrowa Gornicza, and all with his three-year-old daughter unsecured on the rear seat.

The video taken by the chasing police car show the mini as it slaloms through traffic in the city centre at speeds of up to 140km/h. The man also drove straight through a crossroads on a red light, swerved across grass verges forcing a pedestrian to jump for his life and was only stopped after a collision with a police vehicle.

Police breathalysed the man, and were surprised to find he was sober. He explained that he had panicked and fled only because he didn’t have his documents on him. After detailed examination of the video, police not only awarded him the record number of points on his license but also hit him with an immediate three year driving ban, and are considering a charge of endangering the life of a passenger with regard to his daughter. The penalty for that could be as much as five years in prison.

The man has also been sacked from his job as an ambulance driver.

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