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KRAKOW TOURS A man was arrested for failing a breathalyser test – after driving to the police station on his own accord.

In order to prove to his wife that he wasn’t drunk, the 44-year old from the small southern town of Sedziszow made his way to the station demanding to take the test. But once inside, results showed him to be over the limit with alcohol in his bloodstream.

Police have since removed his license.

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Has Hedwig turned nasty?

KRAKOW TOURS – A dog owner has told the story of how her beloved pet was swiped away from her – by a passing owl.

Jadwiga Kurtyka, 49, was walking her 8-month old Yorkshire Terrier on an ordinary evening through the park in her home city of Kielce. But the pleasant stroll turned into a nightmare when the owl swooped down and grabbed her puppy, Brajanka, before flying off.

“I saw the bird circling above us, but I never dreamt for a moment that anything would happen,” says Kurtyka.

Despite her hurt and despair, she has remained strong and now offers practical advice to owners of similar-sized pups;

“Be sure to watch out for them.”

“When one of nature’s animals experiences intense hunger, such a case could quite easily occur,” admits Janusz Wroblewski, of the Wild Bird Asylum near Kielce.

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