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Krakow – on the verge of flooding disaster (updated 21.17 18/5/10)

KRAKOW TOURS – Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Interior Minister Jerzy Miller are to visit areas most affected by recent flooding throughout southern Poland.

At a meeting with journalists Tuesday morning, Miller said that “[Monday] night was not so bad for the Malopolska province, as rain came in the early hours of the morning. It was worse for Silesia, where it rained all night,” adding that “the scale of destruction may well be higher than what we saw yesterday.”

Rainfall is higher than it was in 1997, when there was widescale flooding in southern Poland as well as throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. According to Miller, the situation in Krakow is “similar to that of 1997.”

Donald Tusk arrived in Krakow, Monday night, where he spoke to governors of the provinces most affected by flooding.

After the meeting, Tusk said that the situation is “not completely catastrophic,” although emergency services are still working flat out to keep the flooding situation in check.

Donald Tusk said that the flood situation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia will not have an adverse effect on continuing floods in Poland. The comment came as five retention pools along the River Oder in the Czech Republic became completely full, with one town, Troubky, 90 percent under water.

Interior Minister Jerzy Miller is in communication with the Czech Minister of Defence over any potential flooding threats that might come from the Czech Republic.

Heavy rain over the weekend led many rivers to rise above warning levels. On Sunday night, Krakow mayor Jacek Majchrowski announced a state of emergency when the River Vistula was 74 cm over the warning mark in Poland’s southern city. On Tuesday morning, that level had risen to over 300 cm, with many roads and underpasses closed and river water almost reaching bridge levels.

Four people have died so far from the flooding. Two people died in Malopolska province, and one fireman suffered a heart attack during a rescue mission in neighbouring Silesia. The latest victim of the “great water” is an 8 year old boy who fell into a river in Krakow.

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