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Mass nudity in Łódź

KRAKOW TOURS – A university professor faces up to two years in jail after walking into a church in Lodz completely naked.

Marek Wasilewski, who teaches at Poznan’s university department of fine arts, claims that he entered the mass without his clothes as part of a project – in order to examine what he describes as “public perceptions of nudity”.

The entire incident, lasting for a total of around 20 seconds, was captured on video by a professional film crew, to be viewed at a later date as part of the experiment. It is now believed that the footage will most likely be used as evidence by the courts.

The stunt has been condemned by priest Ireneusz Kulesza who was conducting the service at the time.

“It is a complete desecration of the temple,” he said in a statement.

“I couldn’t believe that I had seen it with my own eyes.”

Ewa Nowak, a local woman who happened to attending the mass claimed that the image disturbed her so much that she wasn’t able to rest. “I was shocked by what I saw – I didn’t manage to get a wink of sleep that night.”

“There is some tolerance for artistic statement but in this case the problem is that he didn’t tell anyone about it,” said Lodz police spokesman Adam Kolasa.

He added that as punishment for the stunt, Wasilewski now faces two years in prison.

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