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Schindler’s List (via A Reasoner’s Miscellany)

Good review of Schindler’s List.

Schindler’s factory opens as a museum of Poland during the war on Friday 11th June 2010.

I’ll post a review of the museum as soon as I can.

Schindler's List Rating: 10/10 This is truly a great movie. It tells the story of a German businessman named Oskar Schindler, who during World War Two uses Polish Jews to work at his factories to become super wealthy. After a massacre of Jews at the Kraków Ghetto, however, Schindler eventually sees the horror of the Nazi anti-Jew laws and behaviors, and he changes his mission from making money to saving as many Jews as possible. As the Jews are ordered to Auschwi … Read More

via A Reasoner's Miscellany

June 9, 2010 - Posted by | News

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