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Polish vodka drinkers, a dying breed?

KRAKOW TOURS – One-in-five Poles say their favoured alcoholic drink is a glass of wine, with vodka continuing to decline in popularity.

Twenty one percent told CBOS pollsters that they prefer wine, with just 17 percent pointing to vodka as their drink of choice, a decline of seven percent in three years since a similar survey was taken.

Wine remains the favourite female tipple (38%) followed by beer (30%) which is also the leading drink for the men (70%). Sixty three percent of Poles say they know someone who drinks too much in their opinion, but a majority claimed that they drank little or average (49 and 47% respectively). Most drink at home (75%). Not one respondent confessed to drinking at work.

Twenty two percent of Poles do not drink any alcohol, according to research by the CBOS. Most of the teetotallers are women – 30%. Contrastingly, 84% men admit to drinking alcohol.

Overall, more than three quarters of Poles are drinkers, with 11% saying that they drink often. Nonetheless, the number of people abstaining from alcohol has increased by 6 points over the past 13 years. Eight out of ten occasional drinkers are aged under 55 and the most popular alcoholic drink is beer.

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  1. Unfortunately there is a part of our society which increases the level of those who prefer vodka… but I guess they don’t take part in the questionnaires:P

    However it’s good that the number of vodka drinkers is falling. Or maybe it never was very high, but some people believe in stereotypes…

    Comment by Oskar | October 15, 2010 | Reply

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