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Holocaust denier to lead tours to Auschwitz and Treblinka

NOT KRAKOW TOURS – The Nigdy Więcej (Never Again) anti-racist organisation have called for ‘Holocaust denier’ British historian David Irving to be banned from entering Poland later this month.

Starting September 27, Irving is leading a tour party, with tickets costing around 1,500 euros each, taking in sites including the Treblinka death camp, Warsaw Ghetto and Hitler’s Bunker in the Masurian lake district.

Never Again, in a joint statement with the UK based Searchlight magazine, have called for Irving and his tour party – which he claims is sold out – not to be let into Poland.

“We urge Polish and British authorities to react strongly and not allow this shameful visit which offends the memory of victims of the war and the Holocaust,” says the Never Again statement.

“The group will mainly consist of Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis from the UK and other Western Europe countries and the United States,” the statement adds.


No protests against the visit have yet come to the notice of the police. “We have not yet received any information about demonstrations and assembly connected with Irving’s visit,” said Warsaw police spokesman Mariusz Sokolowski .

“We have also not receive any information from Mr Irving that he felt threatened,” Sokolowski told the PAP news agency, noting that police have no responsibility for the security of private visits.

Irving has dismissed protests against his visit. He told the Daily Mail that his tour party was for “real history buffs”, and that it was the Polish authorities who had turned the Auschwitz Nazi death camp site into a “Disney-style” tourist trap and a “money making machine”. Irving went on to accuse Polish authorities of neglecting other less “marketable,” more authentic death camps, which “don’t have a Holiday Inn down the road,” in favor of Auschwitz.

He also accused Poland of erecting watch towers in Auschwitz that were not there during WW II, to make the place feel more authentic. “I have been a historian for 40 years. I know a fake when I see one. When you look at old photos of Auschwitz, those towers aren’t in the photographs,” he said.

Irving was arrested and imprisoned in 2006 when he visited Austria, where Holocaust denial is a crime.

Andrzej Arseniuk, spokesman for Poland’s National Remembrance Institute  – which investigates and prosecutes Nazi and communist-era crimes – said that they would take appropriate action if Irving publicly denies Nazi crimes. If incidents come to the attention of the law then “the prosecutor has the authority to deal with it,” Arseniuk said.

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  1. In my opinion visit of Irving in our country is a disgusting mockery of the holocaust victims. There is a paragraph in International Law which says that those who deny the holocaust should be punished! Why he isn’t in prison? How can he call his self a historian? Historians should take care over real history and don’t change the facts!

    I’m really upset of this man nerve! How could he say that Auschwitz is “Polish Disneyland”? I’m working in travel agency which organizes tours to Auschwitz. Entrance to museums is FREE! You pay only for transport and guide!

    It’s not wrong that people want to visit Auschwitz! It’s extremely important to teach society about that crimes to won’t let it happen again! Fact that museum is visited by millions of tourists every year doesn’t mean that this is entertaining place!

    Comment by Oskar | September 16, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hi Oskar,

    Entrance is free, that is true, but only with a guide. I remember a couple of years back, it was free, as in you could walk in and take the time to see the museum for yourself. Now the hours for doing that are extremely limited. I also don’t remember paying for parking a couple of years back. It’s handled by a private company with quite a few people standing around doing nothing.

    The “guided” tours are fairly expensive and not very informative at all. In 90 minutes, you are rushed through the museum. The only possible way to see all the exhibits with the current setup would be to come back multiple days and use the few hours in each day.

    Comment by timbo | September 16, 2010 | Reply

  3. timbo

    You can currently visit outside the hours of 10.00am and 3.00pm without a guide, this is only until 1st November then you can visit whatever time you wish on your own.

    Car parking is now 8 zloty.

    I totally agree about the guided tours, you get about 1 1/2 hours at Auschwitz and 30 minutes at Birkenhau. When I take guests they tend to spend a minimum of 3 hrs at Auschwitz and 2 hrs at Birkenhau.

    Comment by Krakow Tours | September 16, 2010 | Reply

  4. whatever this person believes is his problem, the world knows they happened, if he want to discredit their memory let him, the truth can not discredited. he can march to say god does not exsist, but it chnages nothing. i can understand your pain, that just make him notorious. if he want to say the ovens were there tio bake bread, he is the deluded fool, we know the truth, and as jesus said, seek the truth and the truth will set you free, dont let this moron tarnish their memory.


    Comment by chaza | September 18, 2010 | Reply

  5. yeah my dad will like this

    Comment by weight | September 27, 2010 | Reply

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