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Confusion over Poland’s smoking ban

KRAKOW TOURS – Poland’s new smoking laws, which are set to kick in mid-November, are causing major headaches for restaurant and pub owners.

The legislation, which is being viewed as a major U-Turn by the government, has left many in the dark with regards as to what exactly the laws are, and how they are to be enforced.

Smoking bans in public places are now common throughout most EU countries such as France, Spain and the UK. But the new Polish laws will allow premises with over 100 square metres some leeway with the option of including a separate smoking room for clientele, leaving a large number of clubs and restaurants unsure of where they stand.

Magdalena Potocki, manager of Restauracja Image, says that she was surprised by the introduction of the new law.

“For us, setting aside a separate room will be a problem. We will have to introduce a total ban.”

This kind of problem will hit a large number of Polish establishments, many of which fall short of the required 100 square metres. With the new laws still not entirely clear, small pub and restaurant owners are now worrying that they will lose customers to competition with larger floor space and that very soon they may be out of business.

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