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Poland – Smoking ban 15/11/2010

KRAKOW TOURS – This month, Poland will become the 11th EU member state to ban indoor smoking in areas of work, following in the footsteps of the UK, Ireland, Holland, France, Italy, Slovenia, Latvia, Sweden, Finland and Bulgaria. The law is the result of an EU initiative that seeks to ban smoking within the EU in workplaces by 2012.

The national smoking ban in Poland was voted into the law registry on 14 May by the Sejm after undergoing a series of revisions. It goes into effect after six months in the law registry, on 15 November 2010. The first version was a complete ban on indoor smoking in workplaces; the fourth version, which passed with 217 votes for, 165 against, and 48 withheld, allows for smoking exceptions in designated, enclosed areas. The ban encompasses many former smokers’ havens, like bars, pubs, cafes and nightclubs. The exception: in places with two or more rooms, smoking can occur in one of them, so long as the area is separated from the other room(s) and has an adequate ventilation system (which bar owners have said cost between 20,000 and 50,000 złoty). In places of mass transit or service vehicles (such as taxis and buses), public places used for relaxation, children’s playgrounds, or at mass transit stops and stations, the smoking ban is in full effect.

The penalty for lighting up where it is prohibited is claimed to be a 500 złoty instant fine for the smoker. Business owners will be fined 2,000 złoty for failing to display information about the smoking ban in their venue or vehicle. As for whether Krakow bar owners will be fined for smoking on their premises, there is no information on that point as of yet. This has led to understandable frustration from business owners at the fact that little has been done to inform the public about such a possibly significant change. One source asked, “What am I supposed to do? Kick smoking clients out on the street?” A spokesman for the Municipal Police of Krakow, Marek Anioł, had no official position as of yet from the commander-in-chief on how to interpret enforcement of the law on this point.

So then the question remains, are people really going to stop smoking in bars? And if so, will that impact local businesses?


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