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6th December 1943

During the evening roll call in Ney-Dachs sub-camp in Jaworzno a public hanging of 26 prisoners took place.

They were brought to Neu-Dachs from the bunker of block 11 in the Auschwitz I for this purpose. They had been locked in the bunker between 18th and 20th October when an escape tunnel started by the prisoners was discovered in Neu-Dachs.

The commandant of the Auschwitz III – Monowitz camp, Heinrich Schwarz, read the sentence.

Some of the prisoners shouted: “Don’t give up boys” and “Long live Poland”. Then Schwarz ordered the tables to be pulled away and the prisoners were hanged on the mass gallows.

Afterward, the prisoners gathered for the roll call had to pass by the executed men. Their bodies were not taken down for 24 hours.

The murdered men were;

The Poles: Jan Kosmala, Edward Chmielewski, Henryk Masiarek, Leon Rupala, Józef Gladycz, Marian Pająk, Edward Dulka, Jan Janeczek, Franciszek Reperowski, Julian Bąk, Stefan Stawiarski, Stanisław Brylewski, Arnold Altof, Marian Binkowski, Jan Pieron, Jan Sokolnicki and Jan Wołoczyński;

The Czechs: Franc Kůrka, Franc Hostuša, Miroslav Kubálek, Rudolf Rozsypálek, Franc Bílek, Jan Dawid, Jaroslav Matoušek and Jaroslav Stařec;

And Jewish prisoner, Jakob Bleier.

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Is Lewandowski about to join Man Utd?


Lewandowski – Manchester beckons?

Sky Sports Germany, France’s L’Equipe and Poland’s all report that Lewandowski, who has scored 14 goals in all competitions this season, is to sign a five year contract to join Wayne Rooney and others at Old Trafford.

Lewandowski, who has a contract at the Bundesliga champions until 2014, said earlier this year that he is looking for a move to “a large Premier League club”.

Borussia Dortmund coach Juergen Klopp has refused to conform the reports, however.

“I have a good feeling that Lewandowski will continue playing for us,” reports him as saying.

Others thought to be interested in the 24 year-old top Polish striker include Manchester United’s neighbours, Manchester City, who won the Premier League last season.

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