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Andy Warhol exhibition in Krakow

ImageSome sixty works by Pop Art guru Andy Warhol went on show in Krakow today.

The exhibition, entitled “Contexts”, is being held at the International Cultural Centre on the city’s Market Square.

Besides providing a rare chance to catch a large number of Warhol’s works under one Polish roof, the exhibition also provides an opportunity to explore the artist’s Central European roots.

Warhol’s parents were both Lemkos – one of the Ruthenian ethnic groups inhabiting the Carpathian mountains – and the current show has been created thanks to loans from the Zoya Museum in Modra, Slovakia.

“The iconic nature of Warhol’s art… offers a new reading of the identity and culture of the Carpathian Ruthenians, and their discovery and assimilation by American popular culture,” the museum argues.

Warhol was brought up attending the St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church in Pittsburgh, and art historians have dwelt at length on the influence of Byzantine icons on his work.

“Andy Warhol. Contexts” runs until 10 February 2013.


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