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Record numbers visit Krakow in 2012


In spite of the credit crunch, Krakow has marked a record number of visitors in 2012, with almost 9 million people coming to the city.

According to research carried out by the Malopolska Tourist Organisation, 77 percent of the 8 950 000 visitors to Krakow in 2012 were tourists (Polish and foreign), and once again, it was the British that topped the list of foreign travellers.

All in all, 340,000 more people visited Krakow in 2012 than in 2011. The combined figure spent by visitors this year was 3.5 billion zloty (848.9 million euro).“What’s exceptionally important is the fact that in spite of the difficult situation of the tourist industry throughout Europe, including its greatest cities, we have managed to maintain a trend of positive growth, with more and more tourists visiting us each year,” reflected Deputy Mayor Magdalena Sroka, at the 20th Tourism Forum held in the city.

Of the 2.35 million foreign visitors, 26.17 percent were from Great Britain (as opposed to 20 percent last year, 13 percent were from Germany (12.6 percent in 2011), 9.4 percent were Italians (9.5 percent in 2011), 9 percent were from France (7.5 percent in 2011) and 5.9 percent were Russians (4.9 percent in 2011).

The average foreigner spent 596 zloty (144.5 euro) per person, whereas the average Pole spent 317 zloty (76.8 euro).

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