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Andy Warhol exhibition in Krakow

ImageSome sixty works by Pop Art guru Andy Warhol went on show in Krakow today.

The exhibition, entitled “Contexts”, is being held at the International Cultural Centre on the city’s Market Square.

Besides providing a rare chance to catch a large number of Warhol’s works under one Polish roof, the exhibition also provides an opportunity to explore the artist’s Central European roots.

Warhol’s parents were both Lemkos – one of the Ruthenian ethnic groups inhabiting the Carpathian mountains – and the current show has been created thanks to loans from the Zoya Museum in Modra, Slovakia.

“The iconic nature of Warhol’s art… offers a new reading of the identity and culture of the Carpathian Ruthenians, and their discovery and assimilation by American popular culture,” the museum argues.

Warhol was brought up attending the St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church in Pittsburgh, and art historians have dwelt at length on the influence of Byzantine icons on his work.

“Andy Warhol. Contexts” runs until 10 February 2013.


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Wayne Rooney on Auschwitz.


Rooney was incredibly moved by Auschwitz visit, reveals Hodgson

The England striker is far more caring than his reputation suggests – with a bookish interest in World War II

Wayne Rooney is a sensitive, bookish young man – according to England manager Roy Hodgson.

But the Manchester United superstar, prefers to keep that side of his personality hidden from the public.

Since taking over as Three Lions boss Hodgson, himself a cultured, well-read figure, has been amazed that Rooney’s past image as an ­unintelligent hot-head was so far off the mark.

This struck the coach earlier in the year when he and some ­members of the national team visited Auschwitz, the site of the biggest mass murder ever carried out, before playing in the 2012 European Championships in Poland and the Ukraine.

“Wayne was incredibly moved by the experience,” recalled Hodgson. “At one point Joe Hart put his hand on his shoulder and asked him if he was alright.

“I wasn’t surprised because since getting to know Wayne I know how different he is to the public ­perception.

“Many football players have a reputation that is far different to the reputation they deserve. He is one of them.

“My concern was that he was going to be too moved. That the ­experience would give him – and others – nightmares and they wouldn’t be strong enough to take it. Luckily that wasn’t the case.”

Rooney, now 27, has in the past seen off-field indiscretions with prostitutes, and occasional explosions on the pitch ­reinforce the perception that he is out of control.

Last week he raised ­eyebrows after his latest round of male grooming – part of the price Hodgson believes he has to pay for his celebrity status.

Yet last month he tweeted his interest in the American presidential elections. He claimed he was ­watching the pre-election debate involving Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Hodgson believes that Rooney would like to have more time to pursue his cultural interests – particularly his love of modern ­history. The England boss said: “When Wayne’s wife came over to join us in Poland I think he would have liked to have gone back to Auschwitz with her again.

“But he and she have such a high profile it couldn’t be risked without the level of security we had around us, unfortunately.

“He’s quite well read on the ­subject. Most of his generation, ­unlike mine, aren’t as aware as we are. But Wayne is very interested in all apsects of the ­Second World War.

“He has a ­particular interest, he has all the World at War television series.

“He reads a lot about the ­period and is very knowledgeable on that, and other subjects.

“This is a side of him the public aren’t allowed to see. It’s important that high-profile people like ­football players highlight these issues.

“Wayne didn’t need to be taken there dragging and screaming. He wanted to go out of interest.

“We were invited by the Holocaust Educational Trust, but we would have gone anyway out of our own interest – and out of respect.

“Rooney is one of those players who decides games. He is ­extremely high profile, a great player, a player who decides games.

“Yet he would be the first to admit that he has unfinished business for England at a major championship.”

After visiting Auschwitz, Rooney said: “It’s hard to understand.

“I am a parent and it’s tough to see what happened there.

“You’ve seen the amount of ­children who died. You see the children’s clothes and shoes. It’s really sad.

“You have to see it first hand.

“You don’t realise how those who lived there to work managed without food, without water.

“It’s a form of torture and then they died. The ­others got ­murdered.”

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President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, drives like a lunatic.


A special memorial service in honour of Saint Grigol Peradze who was killed in Auschwitz on 6th December 1942 took place today at the Auschwitz Memorial. The president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili was present at the ceremony.

So this was the VIP convoy that nearly wrote my car off this afternoon.

Grigol Peradze was killed in Auschwitz when he took the blame for the murder of a German officer to spare his fellow prisoners, or, according to another report, when he entered a gas-chamber in the place of a Jewish prisoner who had a large family.

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On This Day………..

6th December 1943

During the evening roll call in Ney-Dachs sub-camp in Jaworzno a public hanging of 26 prisoners took place.

They were brought to Neu-Dachs from the bunker of block 11 in the Auschwitz I for this purpose. They had been locked in the bunker between 18th and 20th October when an escape tunnel started by the prisoners was discovered in Neu-Dachs.

The commandant of the Auschwitz III – Monowitz camp, Heinrich Schwarz, read the sentence.

Some of the prisoners shouted: “Don’t give up boys” and “Long live Poland”. Then Schwarz ordered the tables to be pulled away and the prisoners were hanged on the mass gallows.

Afterward, the prisoners gathered for the roll call had to pass by the executed men. Their bodies were not taken down for 24 hours.

The murdered men were;

The Poles: Jan Kosmala, Edward Chmielewski, Henryk Masiarek, Leon Rupala, Józef Gladycz, Marian Pająk, Edward Dulka, Jan Janeczek, Franciszek Reperowski, Julian Bąk, Stefan Stawiarski, Stanisław Brylewski, Arnold Altof, Marian Binkowski, Jan Pieron, Jan Sokolnicki and Jan Wołoczyński;

The Czechs: Franc Kůrka, Franc Hostuša, Miroslav Kubálek, Rudolf Rozsypálek, Franc Bílek, Jan Dawid, Jaroslav Matoušek and Jaroslav Stařec;

And Jewish prisoner, Jakob Bleier.

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Is Lewandowski about to join Man Utd?


Lewandowski – Manchester beckons?

Sky Sports Germany, France’s L’Equipe and Poland’s all report that Lewandowski, who has scored 14 goals in all competitions this season, is to sign a five year contract to join Wayne Rooney and others at Old Trafford.

Lewandowski, who has a contract at the Bundesliga champions until 2014, said earlier this year that he is looking for a move to “a large Premier League club”.

Borussia Dortmund coach Juergen Klopp has refused to conform the reports, however.

“I have a good feeling that Lewandowski will continue playing for us,” reports him as saying.

Others thought to be interested in the 24 year-old top Polish striker include Manchester United’s neighbours, Manchester City, who won the Premier League last season.

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Krakow In Your Pocket

Krakow In Your Pocket

Download the latest edition of ‘Krakow In Your Pocket’

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KRAKOW TOURS – 400th TripAdvisor Review

KRAKOW TOURS - 400th TripAdvisor Review

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