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Wojtek the Bear to get Krakow Statue

KRAKOW TOURS: British historian Professor Norman Davies has welcomed a decision by Krakow councillors to erect a statue of Wojtek the Bear, who ‘served’ with Polish soldiers during World War II.

The Bear That Went To War

“Polish history is very often tragic, it’s heavy on the emotions – people talk about it sometimes in sacred tones,” he told Polish Radio’s English Section on Thursday at a press conference at Krakow’s town hall.

“And this is a heart-warming, natural, human way into that whole subject.”

Wojtek was a Syrian bear who was adopted by the Polish Second Corps, a formation chiefly made up of men released from Soviet labour camps after Stalin was compelled to sign an amnesty in 1941.

“Wojtek is not just a nice story about a bear who became a soldier. He’s a symbol of a big group of people – 100,000 strong and more – who came out of Stalin’s Russia,” Davies reflected.

via Krakow votes for WWII soldier bear statue – National.

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