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Jim Carrey with Krakow Tours in Wieliczka

Jim Carrey in Wieliczka

Jim Carrey, Krakow tours in Wieliczka Salt Mine

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The Rugby World Cup at The Dorsz in Krakow

All the major games of the 2015 Rugby World Cup will be screened at The Dorsz in Krakow.

Fixtures and groups (All times UK)

Group A

Friday, 18 September 20:00, England v Fiji, Twickenham Stadium, London
Sunday, 20 September 14:30, Wales v Uruguay, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Wednesday, 23 September 16:45, Australia v Fiji, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Saturday, 26 September 20:00, England v Wales, Twickenham Stadium, London
Sunday, 27 September 12:00, Australia v Uruguay, Villa Park, Birmingham
Thursday, 1 October 16:45, Wales v Fiji, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Saturday, 3 October 20:00, England v Australia, Twickenham Stadium, London
Tuesday, 6 October 20:00, Uruguay v Fiji, Stadium mk, Milton Keynes
Saturday, 10 October 16:45, Australia v Wales, Twickenham Stadium, London
Saturday, 10 October 20:00, England v Uruguay, Manchester City Stadium, Manchester

Group B

Saturday, 19 September 16:45, South Africa v Japan, Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton
Sunday, 20 September 12:00, Samoa v United States, Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton
Wednesday, 23 September 14:30, Scotland v Japan, Kingsholm, Gloucester
Saturday, 26 September 16:45, South Africa v Samoa, Villa Park, Birmingham
Sunday, 27 September 14:30, Scotland v United States, Elland Road, Leeds
Saturday, 3 October 14:30, Samoa v Japan, Stadium mk, Milton Keynes
Saturday, 3 October 16:45, South Africa v Scotland, St. James’ Park, Newcastle
Wednesday, 7 October 16:45, South Africa v United States, Olympic Stadium, London
Saturday, 10 October 14:30, Samoa v Scotland, St. James’ Park, Newcastle
Saturday, 11 October 20:00, United States v Japan, Kingsholm, Gloucester

Group C

Saturday, 19 September 12:00, Tonga v Georgia, Kingsholm, Gloucester
Sunday, 20 September 16:45, New Zealand v Argentina, Wembley Stadium, London
Thursday, 24 September 20:00, New Zealand v Namibia, Olympic Stadium, London
Friday, 25 September 16:45, Argentina v Georgia, Kingsholm, Gloucester
Tuesday, 29 September 16:45, Tonga v Namibia, Sandy Park, Exeter
Friday, 2 October 20:00, New Zealand v Georgia, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Sunday, 4 October 14:30, Argentina v Tonga, Leicester City Stadium, Leicester
Wednesday, 7 October 20:00, Namibia v Georgia, Sandy Park, Exeter
Friday, 9 October 20:00, New Zealand v Tonga, St. James’ Park, Newcastle
Sunday, 11 October 12:00, Argentina v Namibia, Leicester City Stadium, Leicester

Group D

Saturday, 19 September 14:30, Ireland v Canada, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Saturday, 19 September 20:00, France v Italy, Twickenham Stadium, London
Wednesday, 23 September 20:00, France v Romania, Olympic Stadium, London
Saturday, 26 September 14:30, Italy v Canada, Elland Road, Leeds
Sunday, 27 September 16:45, Ireland v Romania, Wembley Stadium, London
Thursday, 1 October 20:00, France v Canada, Stadium mk, Milton Keynes
Sunday, 4 October 16:45, Ireland v Italy, Olympic Stadium, London
Tuesday, 6 October 16:45, Canada v Romania, Leicester City Stadium, Leicester
Sunday, 11 October 14:30, Italy v Romania, Sandy Park, Exeter
Sunday, 11 October 16:45, France v Ireland, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

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‘Dark tourism’ to ‘death sites’ like Auschwitz

Why are we so fascinated by Auschwitz? ‘Dark tourism’ to ‘death sites’ helps us deal with our mortality, study reveals

Researchers conducted interviews at ‘dystopian dark tourist’ spots

These include Charles Manson ‘Helter Skelter’ tour and H.R Giger Museum

Study suggest people find it easier to deal with death the more they see it

And by attempting to understand why people kill can help tourists feel more secure about death and violence

via ‘Dark tourism’ to ‘death sites’ like Auschwitz helps us deal with mortality | Daily Mail Online.

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Jeb Bush Tours Auschwitz

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush made an unannounced stop in Krakow on Wednesday to tour the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

Bush toured the camp with wife, Columba, Bloomberg confirmed. He didn’t invite the roughly 10 reporters from the U.S. and Europe following the former Florida governor on his five-day, three-country tour, out of respect for the site and those affected, a Bush aide said.

More than 1 million people, mostly Jewish prisoners, died at the camp during World War II.

Bush, who is expected to announce his plans to run for president on Monday in Miami, also has plans to meet top political leaders in each of the three countries he’s visiting.

In Poland on Thursday, Bush will meet with President Bronisław Komorowski; the newly elected president, Andrzej Duda; Radek Sikorski, the head of the lower house of the Polish parliament; and Polish Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna.

via Jeb Bush Tours Auschwitz – Bloomberg Politics.

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David Cameron visits Auschwitz / Birkenau

David Cameron at Birkenau

David Cameron visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau today 10th December 2014

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Krakow In Your Pocket

Click cover to view or download the latest edition of

Krakow In Your Pocket

Or if you prefer a hard copy, order below.


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Wieliczka Salt Mine

A Fantastic Christmas Card from The Wieliczka Salt Mine

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