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Polish Legends # 5 – Krakow’s Lajkonik

KRAKOW TOURS – In 1287 a detachment of Tatars approached the walls of Krakow.

Before the planned assault they hid behind some bushes to get some sleep, as you would do. Unluckily for them they were spotted by some sturdy Wisla raftsmen who grabbed their oars, got stuck in and thereby ruined the Tatar plans to conquer the Polish Capital.

After that the raftsmen rode into the center of Krakow in Tatar uniforms to tell the people about their daring escapades – that’s the legend anyway.

Nowadays, Krakow’s iconic Lajkonik character celebrates the city’s deliverance by marching with band and sergeant from the Sisters of Norbertanki’s Monastery Courtyard to the Main Square, hitting passers by on the arm, just to bring them luck.

And today’s the day, Lajkonic parade starts at 12.00

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