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The Italian Job III – In Poland

KRAKOW TOURS – This Wednesday Slask police released jaw-dropping footage of the driver of a Mini Cooper who racked up a record 205 penalty points on his licence and committed 35 traffic offences in a mere fifteen minutes two weeks ago on the streets of Dabrowa Gornicza, and all with his three-year-old daughter unsecured on the rear seat.

The video taken by the chasing police car show the mini as it slaloms through traffic in the city centre at speeds of up to 140km/h. The man also drove straight through a crossroads on a red light, swerved across grass verges forcing a pedestrian to jump for his life and was only stopped after a collision with a police vehicle.

Police breathalysed the man, and were surprised to find he was sober. He explained that he had panicked and fled only because he didn’t have his documents on him. After detailed examination of the video, police not only awarded him the record number of points on his license but also hit him with an immediate three year driving ban, and are considering a charge of endangering the life of a passenger with regard to his daughter. The penalty for that could be as much as five years in prison.

The man has also been sacked from his job as an ambulance driver.

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Auschwitz thieves NO SHOW for prison sentence.

KRAKOW TOURS – The three men jailed for stealing the Auschwitz sign are missing after being let out of jail on compassionate leave.

Two of the men, brothers Lukasz and Rodoslaw M., had been entrusted with weekend passes in order to visit their ill mother. The third man, Pawel S., had also been allowed out, to organise wedding plans with his fiancée. But police have confirmed that all three have failed to return to the jail in Wroclaw and arrest warrants have now been issued by Krakow’s District Court.

The men had been sentenced for their roles in the theft of the famous ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ sign that sits above the entrance gate to the Nazi death camp in December last year.

Police are now worried that their no show could affect the outcome of the case against Anders Hogstrom, the man who is believed to have plotted and staged the entire theft. Hogstrom, who founded Sweden’s anti-immigrant National Socialist Front in 1994, was extradited to Poland this month to face trial – with most of the evidence based on statements from the men who are now missing.

The former neo-Nazi leader has pleaded innocent, stating that he was merely asked to collect the sign from the Polish gang in order to pass it onto a buyer. If convicted of the crime, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

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Anti-terror cops hit wrong house

KRAKOW TOURS – Anti-terror police in Lodz lobbed stun grenades into a flat before storming it – only to realise they’d got the wrong address.

The armed cops were supposed to be raiding Apartment 6C but took a wrong turn and battered their way into Apartment 6 on the same landing.

“I heard pounding on the door and the sound of smashing glass. I ran into the kitchen and saw a masked man throw a grenade through the window,” said Malgorzata Malinowska whose foot was injured by the blast.

“I was hysterical and kept shouting they’d got the wrong flat. They only stopped when they saw my daughter,” she added.

Embarrassed police chiefs have apologised for the mix-up. “In cases like this you can expect compensation for any damage and an apology,” said anti-terrorist commander Maciej Karczynski.

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Wedding Bells and Dirty Cells

KRAKOW TOURS – A groom ended up spending the first night of his honeymoon in a police cell after getting plastered at his own wedding.

36 year old Piotr Szymanski from Szczuka had been knocking back vodka at his reception, before deciding to drive his new wife back to the hotel.
After crashing into a pile of snow, he decided to try and flag down a passing car for help – unaware that it was a police car. Syzmanski was then arrested and his wife was taken to the hotel where she spent the night alone.

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