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Polish Legends # 7 – The Pigeons of Krakow (Ver 2)

KRAKOW TOURS – At various points in the medieval ages, Krakow was under siege, and the defenders were slowly losing their hopes – not to mention supplies.

On one ocassion they were so desperate that they started to eat the Krakow pigeons. The Krakow authorities opposed this, thinking the pigeons could be useful in other ways – like bringing small quantities of grains or other foods to the city. After a few more days, one of the Krakow defenders decided to try and sneak through the enemy lines to find out if help is on the way. He took a few pigeons with him to contact the city. After some time, one of his pigeons landed on the roof of one of the houses. It was quickly captured, and on his leg the defenders found a note that infused their hearts with hope: “Relief will come in six days, hold on”.

The Krakow defenders prepared to attack on the sixth day, to help their rescuers crush the opponent by catching them in crossfire. On the evening of the fifth day, nobody even noticed that another pigeon landed on the tower of one of the Krakow churches… At dawn on the sixth day, the Krakow knights attacked with double confidence in their force, expecting the rescuers to come any minute.

The sieging army was so surprised that it gave hardly any resistance, and fled, leaving behind almost all of their camp. Krakow knights were beaming with happiness, and only in the evening someone caught the pigeon that flew in the day before. A note tied to his leg said: “Flooding river. Crossing impossible. Rescue won’t come. Give the city up”.

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