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Roman Polanski, escapee from the Krakow Ghetto.

KRAKOW TOURSHere is an in depth review of the life and career of Roman Polanski, a survivor of the Krakow Ghetto during the nazi occupation of 1939-44. He lost close family in the Auschwitz and Birkenhau death camps, but managed to forge himself a remarkable but controversial life and career.

Appraising Polanski Reflecting on the career of filmmaker Roman Polanski Few filmmakers have actually lived lives of controversy and drama that threaten to eclipse what they have depicted on screen, as has Roman Polanski. The infamous filmmaker has experienced incredible extremes of success and tragedy in his life. He has made several highly acclaimed films including the … Read More

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Roman Polanski Free After Switzerland Rejects Extradition

KRAKOW TOURS – One of Krakow’s most famous sons (well sort of), is now a free man.

Find out more about Polanski and his incredible links to the Krakow Ghetto when you visit Poland with Krakow Tours.

Roman Polanski Free After Switzerland Rejects Extradition Roman Polanski Free After Switzerland Rejects Extradition Oscar-winning director will not be sent to U.S. for sentencing in 1977 child sex case.

By Gil Kaufman

The decades-long legal saga of Oscar-winning filmmaker Roman Polanski took another twist on Monday (July 12), when Switzerland’s Ministry of Justice announced that it would not extradite the director of “The Pianist” to the U.S. to fa … Read More

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