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Has Hedwig turned nasty?

KRAKOW TOURS – A dog owner has told the story of how her beloved pet was swiped away from her – by a passing owl.

Jadwiga Kurtyka, 49, was walking her 8-month old Yorkshire Terrier on an ordinary evening through the park in her home city of Kielce. But the pleasant stroll turned into a nightmare when the owl swooped down and grabbed her puppy, Brajanka, before flying off.

“I saw the bird circling above us, but I never dreamt for a moment that anything would happen,” says Kurtyka.

Despite her hurt and despair, she has remained strong and now offers practical advice to owners of similar-sized pups;

“Be sure to watch out for them.”

“When one of nature’s animals experiences intense hunger, such a case could quite easily occur,” admits Janusz Wroblewski, of the Wild Bird Asylum near Kielce.

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